About Us
RNT CARPET CLEANING SERVICES is one of the trusted, fastest, and best growing professional cleaning service companies in Malaysia. We use techniques and methods that are not only beneficial for our customers but also for the environment at large. It is our belief that cleanliness leads to better health. While pouring our heart and soul out in giving our customers the best results we also ensure the safety of our environment by using non-hazardous chemicals and solutions. This is a sincere attempt by RNT CARPET CLEANING SERVICES to make our customers happy, healthy and motivated.

We offer services for both corporate and residential clients all over Malaysia. We feel honored to be extending our service from the year 2010 and still growing strong. Being a reputed organization with hi-tech patented machines and well-trained experienced and professional staff, we are attaining our customers’ satisfaction in each and every customer experience we encounter here in RNT CARPET CLEANING SERVICES.
As mentioned earlier, we are proud to disclose that we only use non-toxic solutions that generate bubbles to penetrate through the carpet and remove stains quickly. We also use harmless products safe for humans, animals, and nature. We make you feel very special by enhancing the beauty of both the residential and commercial areas of living and business with minimal damage done to your belongings and surroundings.

RNT CARPET CLEANING SERVICES uses natural ways of cleaning and special carbonated cleaning solutions to penetrate the organic materials more effectively. Our work is clean and provides a fresh and attractive finish almost every single time. Zero-dirt is our output! To obtain this we are using various methods like: Stream-Cleaning, Green-Cleaning, and Dry-Cleaning in order to make your space more comfortable and eco-friendly.

Our honest and regular feedback, encouragements and critics from loyal customers definitely help RNT CARPET CLEANING SERVICES in reaching out to the next level in our services. Without our team members’ dedication and support, we could not have been able to be as popular and productive as we are to date.

We refurbish your surrounding

With nature-friendly chemicals and solutions

While projecting a transparent approach in our job


To inspire and elevate our community towards a cleaner and healthier living standard by managing the cleanliness of the surrounding for you.


RNT CARPET CLEANING SERVICES is dedicated in providing awareness and elevate our community to a healthier life standards by promoting cleanliness through our services. We aim to deliver a cleaner and healthier environment through the manifestation of a concerned cleaning company with exceptional environmental awareness that would enable society to be a better place to live in.


RNT CARPET CLEANING SERVICES is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct, and to fulfilling the mission and vision of this organization.
Our Core Belief & Values

RNT CARPET CLEANING SERVICES aims to produce successful cleaning contracts that connect people with desire to live a clean and healthy life. Our cleaning contracts that are renowned and applauded for being professional and significant also reflect our personal touch and professionalism. We value our clients and business associates and hope to build long-term relationships with them. RNT CARPET CLEANING SERVICES cherishes anyone and everyone who make our business what it is.

• We deliver superior quality in all that we do.
• We treat your surroundings as our own.
• We are results-oriented and achieve our objectives.
• We are team players.
• We make your life easier.
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